More recently much of that research has been challenged, and today many neuroscientists believe there is no solid science-based evidence to support the left/right brain theory we have believed for so long. Now we hear scientists talk about the relationship between the top brain and bottom brain.

Presentation Pitfalls Learned From Dragons’ Den

Most of us have experienced both extremes of the business presentation spectrum. We have been bored rigid through the mind-numbing, monotone ramblings of someone who would rather be anywhere but in the room with us. Likewise, we have been captivated by the eloquence and pizazz ...

Influence: Managing Up, Across, & Down

The ability to influence and persuade others in ethical, effective ways is a crucial skill for both business and personal success. Influence and persuasion is as much as a science as an art. Research has uncovered key principles that anyone can use to improve their ability to influence ...

Wake up from your mobile email nightmare !

IT managers lose sleep over how to secure corporate data while also making it easy for people to be productive on-the-go. With Citrix WorxMail, you don’t have to choose between security and a great user experience. Learn about the latest developments in secure mobile email