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The biggest online Availability Event in EMEA! As an innovative solution provider delivering Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™, Veeam® has been giving enterprises all across the globe 24.7.365 Availability for 10 years now and we look forward to an even greater future – the future of Availability! The biggest online Availability event in EMEA – VeeamON

The Zero Trust data center in action

It’s a fact: Even when they have a secure perimeter, data center breaches still occur. According to a study conducted by IBM and Ponemon Institute*, the average total cost of a data breach for participating companies increased 23% over the past two years to $3.9 million. s to $3.79 million.* In 2016, it’s time to

Six Compelling Reasons to Choose VMware NSX

We’ve seen how virtualization of server and storage resources has unlocked the potential of modern data centers—delivering advanced scalability, faster provisioning, and simplified management. By taking a software-centric approach with the VMware NSX® network virtualization platform, it’s now possible to move beyond the limitations of manual provisioning and achieve many of the same advantages that

Extend Security and Control from the Data Center Edge to the Core

VMware has learnt that as enterprises become increasingly virtualize their physical data centers, they are discovering: greater efficiency agility and cost-savings. Now, with a VMware NSX™ powered Software-Defined Data Center, enterprises can extend these benefits to their network as well, and realize a more powerful approach to security. In the whitepaper VMware show that there